October 23rd 2017 Testimony from Twin Peaks Biker Trials

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This video was from the morning session of the Twin Peaks trial in McLennan County Texas on 10/23/2017.
Testimony after the first break from Waco Police Department on October 23, 2017.


Officer of the Court – Waco Police Department Ben Rush on the stand, to which he describes the turmoil of the day and starts to weep, and shortly there after Reyna asks for a recess to set up the video.
After the break Rush again describes his patrol units position in the Central Texas Market Place parking lot, and at 40:00 Abel Reyna questions Rush by asking if
“Jason Davis is Nikki Stones ‘field training officer'” in the video playing for the jury. He responds yes, earlier he commented on how new she was. (Interesting to have a brand new patrol officer training on such an important event where WPD are at the ready with automatic weapons.)

Second Round of testimony on 10-23-2017