Chapter Siete | Applying Logic to the Twin Peaks Tragedy how a Federal Investigation Turns Deadly

Let’s use logic on the 2015 Twin Peaks tragedy.

Federal Prosecutors at Carrizal trial 11-6-17
Federal Prosecutors at the Carrizal trial 11-6-2017

[2] LOGIC — (Answers the Why of a subject.)

“Developing the faculty of reason in establishing valid [i.e., non-contradictory] relationships among facts yields basic, systematic Understanding- it is a guide for thinking correctly; thinking without contradiction. More concisely, it is the art of non-contradictory identification. The work of logic is proof. Proof consists of establishing the truth and validity of a concept or proposition in correspondence with objective, factual reality by following a self-consistent chain of higher-level thought back down to foundational, primary concepts or axioms (i.e., Existence, Consciousness, and Causality). It is a means of keeping us in touch and grounded to objective reality in our search for valid knowledge and understanding. Logic brings the rhythm of the subjective thoughts of the mind, and the subsequent actions of the body, into harmony with the rhythm of the objective universe. The intention is to amicably synchronize individual mental processes, and their attendant actions, with the processes of our surrounding natural, factual existence over the period of a lifetime.”

Bucher dash Cam 12-11-00 slide
Bucher dash Cam 12-11-00 slide

The United States Department of Justice has been investigating the Bandidos Motorcycle Club internationally, since, at least 2013, in this latest iteration of funding, and had surveillance on the club in several states and countries (to include but not limited to) Alabama,  Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas*link is to a PDF from Ft. Smith, Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, Washington, Louisiana, and Texas as well as Germany, Australia, Thailand, and Finland which would allow I.N.T.E.R.P.O.L. processing F.U.S.I.O.N. center data.

F.I.S.A. Court warrants are likely the way that this type of multi-state and International investigation could take place, which recorded everything that the club did for the last 6 years now. That data, and how and where it was obtained, is what attorneys are protecting at the present moment by not mentioning the “F.I.S.A. Court Warrants” in the civil trials, or criminal defense motions. The D.E.A. is the right hand, and the B.A.T.F.E. are the left hand, and the corpus is the Department Of Justice. These operations have to go through the proper federal channels to operate, and get funded.

“If a wiretap was involved, was there proper minimization; prompt service of inventory; adequate voice identification; accurate transcriptions made; are key conversations audible; were the original tapes properly sealed and stored; were 18 U.S.C. § 2517(5) orders obtained for use of recorded conversations in unrelated prosecutions? – 2079. RICO Prosecution Memorandum — Anticipated Defenses/Special Problems Or Considerations

nate farish 9-1-2016 white bike
nate farish 9-1-2016 white bike

An important event happened on March 22nd, 2015 in Lorena, Tx. at mile marker 323 about 8 miles south of Waco on a feeder road of Interstate 35 – between 2 Bandidos M.C. members who were headed south on the feeder road (with the motorcycle riders trying to avoid traffic that is normally stalled up to the Bruceville Eddy bridge that was under construction,) and a group of mostly Cossacks who were driving in at least two vehicles, a Toyota Tundra, and another vehicle. Both vehicles were captured on video, by a passer by, of the assault, of which the video was later turned over to Lorena P.D.

One Bandido was able to walk away from this potentially deadly assault, the other was not, and that member was taken to a local area Waco Hospital in critical condition, and almost lost his eyeball. This incident would NOT be investigated by local L.E.O., resulting in an indictment of assault, attempted murder, or any other charges brought about, to date.

This incident would bring several Bandidos M.C. members up from Killeen, Austin, and down from Dallas in order to support their brother in crisis, as well as provide security for the family members who were likely to be assaulted. This migration is likely what spurred the Waco Police Department and Texas Department of Public Safety to visit McLennan County Cossacks Chapter President “J Dub”, otherwise known as John Wilson at his Motorcycle shop in Waco. The conversation should have been investigatory, with W.P.D. asking Caleb Wilson several questions as to his where abouts on the day of the assault, as well as subpoenaing his cell phone records, along with the Motorcycle Shop phone records, as it was likely one of these two Cossacks who called their mattress shop worker (Owen Reeves) with the code to “put a dog down in the back 40.”

John Wilson of China Spring Texas incorrectly titled as the attorney Steven Stubbs
John Wilson of China Spring Texas incorrectly titled as the attorney Steven Stubbs

Imagine being a young nurse who had never seen so many protective bikers in one place on high alert. The Hospital Staff’s only prior experience has likely only been the Cossacks, and locals do NOT have “a kind perception” of those riders with undisciplined mouths, and a “show off” style.

It is easy to imagine that those Nurses and Doctors at the Waco hospitals would let their security personnel know of a potential threat, and in turn let local Waco Police Department know what was taking place. High Alert for Emergency Personnel is a multi-department wide event, Firemen, Emergency Medical Services, Hospitals and the police departments work closely together often, for their collective safety. It would also be safe to assume that Cossack “Spyder” who was an E.M.S. worker at the time, notified the Hospital staff of the dangers of the Bandidos M.C., since he was kicked out of a B.M.C. support club prior to this assault, as well as informing his accomplices of the room number for the severely beaten Bandido M.C. member and location of their family members.

If it was not Cossack Mark White, whom informed the group of criminals about the where abouts of the patient in peril at the Hospital, it very well could have been Sargent Howell at the Harwell Detention Center and McClennan County Jail, whom also gave her boyfriend and registered sex offender, Cossack Phillip White, the results of a license plate search made by one of Howell’s officers at the jail, by Howell’s order, on the date of the Lorena incident.

Twin Peaks Ariel Photo May 17, 2015
Twin Peaks Ariel Photo May 17, 2015

Let us suppose that in March of 2015 the McLennan County D.A. learns that the Bandidos M.C. and Cossacks have a serious issue with one another, and that members of the B.M.C. plan to come to Waco to participate in a C.o.C.&I. political meeting in May 2015, and with advice from Steve Cook, Abelino Reyna welcomes the Bandido Motorcycle Club presence to Waco, Texas. Then Abel Reyna authorized county, and state funds to go toward the training of his officers of the court, to participate in this “once in a lifetime opportunity.” The question then would be, who trained which agencies on whom to target at this meeting, as well as around how many bikers the Law Enforcement Officers could handle per officer?

Steve Cook was brought in to train these officers, once in April 2015 and then again on Wednesday through Saturday May 13 – 16, 2015 when W.P.D. and M.C.S.O. ran drills on contingency plans for the Sunday event at Twin Peaks. The local news was notified in April 2015, and reported on the training in June 2015, only with the agreement that the news crew would wait to report the training until after their event took place.

Now, how can the local…….

  • 1) Waco PD,
  • 2) McLennan County Sheriffs office,
  • 3) Company F of Department of Public Safety, and
  • 4) Lorena PD, all participate in a train up for Twin Peaks, and NOT have Federal approval to participate in a “military exercise” using Department of Defense weapons on a Motorcycle Club that is under Federal Investigation?

Law enforcement flock to Waco for gang conference

MCLENNAN COUNTY, TX (KXXV) – Law enforcement officials from across the country met at McLennan Community College for four days for a private conference about policing the growth of motorcycle gangs.

The conference, put on by the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association out of St. Louis, MO, was scheduled before the Twin Peaks shooting May 17 after investigators saw rising tensions between motorcycle gangs on the rise in Central Texas.

“We do a considerable amount of talking about these confederations and coalitions… and try to make them understand a little bit the motives behind these is other than what they advertise,” MOMGIA Executive Director, Steve Cook said.

Cook, who’s gone undercover with motorcycle gangs in the past, agreed to allow News Channel 25 to report on the conference, but only until after it was over. This was to protect the identities of officers still undercover.

Behind locked doors, officers learned how motorcycle gangs operate, often dealing in drug and human trafficking. Gangs often transport and sell methamphetamine and have a structure similar to military or para-military organizations. Cook said they’ve seen an influx of gang members that are also a part of motorcycle clubs and club confederations.

“They’re absolutely gangs. If you’re wearing a 1-percent diamond and you’re associating with the individuals these people and associating with the kinds of activities they are, they’re a gang by any classification and to take it a step further, they’re organized crime,” Cooks said.

Cook said nothing much changed in what the officers were learning in the four day long classes because of the Twin Peaks shooting. He said the shooting is just the latest in a long line of biker gang related incidents across the country.

“It’s rampant. They’re spreading all across the country, all over the world for that matter…You’re either going to pay attention to these guys or you’re going to ignore them,” Cook said.”

How is this training, even a possibility, if the Federal D.O.J. level checks and balances actually work?

Playing Devil’s advocate, let us say these checks and balances do work, and the Department of Justice, not only facilitated the planning of the Twin Peaks ambush, but also funded the operation using several gaps in appropriations spending, namely the Bureau of Justice Assistance, which not only sold the Military grade equipment to local law enforcement, but also funds Steve Cook’s I.O.M.G.I.A. propaganda machine, to wage war on bikers; see History channel’s Gang Land as well as the Vagos trial in California.

This makes the Department of Justice, the supreme leader of law enforcement, solely responsible for the murders of civilians in a parking lot in Waco in 2015.

Because Gregg Abbott participated in this training and funding, he was supportive of the L.E.O. efforts within hours of the aftermath from May 17, 2015, and would not call for a federal investigation into this tragedy, like they are doing in Houston with two murders during this current time frame in 2019. Governor Gregg Abbott stated on May 18th, 2015 that “Texas will not stand for the type of lawlessness we witnessed in Waco yesterday. . . . My office, along with law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, is committed to providing any and all resources needed to support the Waco Police Department and the local community.”

Logic reveals that the Governor of the State of Texas Gregg Abbott, would be informed of D.P.S. Company F operations for spending and funding, since that is his job. He likes to be active in his law enforcement arm of the legislature for some reason since his time as the Attorney General of the State of Texas.

Gregg Abbott is the architect of the current corruption in the State of Texas, where DPS shields local counties and the state of Texas from liabilities when the state murders people with machine guns. The County Risk Pools at the direction of Governor Abbott, who is acting as supreme leader of both legislative and executive branches in the state government, gives direct legal counsel to the parties involved so they can avoid possible libel.
There for Gregg Abbot, not only makes the laws, he enforces them with zero accountability.

Tell us again why the ballistics from weapons used at Twin Peaks, including L.E.O. Rifles, were sent to the same agency that lead the train up on this event, the B.A.T.F.E.?

So, local law enforcement can kill people in a parking lot, in broad day light, and no federal investigation is demanded by Texas Rangers, who participated in the event, but two civilians get killed, in their home by mistake in Houston with a no knock raid, and the FBI comes dangling in all of a sudden?

Something just does not seem right about this at all, still.